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Easy Home Improvements to Help You Get Top Dollar for Your Home

by harvsingh-chime-meApril 01, 2019

When preparing to sell you want to get top dollar for your home and appeal to many buyers, so you get the best selling price. Here are 10 Home Improvements that can help you update and attract buyers:

  • Replace carpet with hardwood or engineered flooring. Many homeowners prefer hard floor surfaces over carpet. You don’t have to go broke doing this, you can just do the main family and dining rooms; these are areas that people spend the most time in.
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets. According to Zillow houses with updated cabinets sell quicker. This doesn’t have to expensive either, you can have your cabinets painted by a professional for as little as $1,000. Visit your local home improvement store or visit model homes to see what’s popular.
  • Add a smart thermometer. Smart homes are all the rage and just by adding one to control your homes temperature by app is appealing to many buyers. Nest Learning Thermostat $249 is an example that offers many features and won’t break the bank.
  • Par down and declutter. Buyers want to picture themselves in this new space and too many personal items, collections or knick knacks interfere with them imaging your home as theirs. Also a cramped closet or pantry makes it appear as if there is not enough space. You can use this tip as a reason to hold a garage sale, donate your items or get a temporary storage unit to show your house off in it’s best light.
  • Paint your interior. If you haven’t painted in the last 5 years now is the time. Look through interior design magazines, visit Pinterest or Houzz and get an idea of what is popular now. Neutrals are always your best bet and offer broader appeal. Just because pink is you favorite color it might not appeal to everyone and your goal is to try and attract as many people as possible to your home.
  • Update your light fixtures and hardware. You will be amazed how these minor updates can impact the total look of your home. Just like earrings complete an outfit a new light fixture polishes off your home and creates focal points and highlight your home’s best features. Get rid of worn or discolored door knobs and hinges. Brass is out… keep the look uniform throughout the house for a professional and high end look.
  • Spruce up your exterior. Repair any worn boards on your deck and pressure wash your vinyl siding. Paint if necessary and repair doors, windows or repair any broken screens. You want to present your home in it’s best light and make buyers feel that they could move right in with minimal effort or improvements.
  • Update worn or dated plumbing fixtures. New faucets in the master bath can bring a tired old bathroom into the modern age. Also a new faucet with pulldown sprayer is a nice feature that appeals to many buyers. These updates may not seem like much, but buyers want to see a home that appears to modern and well taken care of.
  • Prepare flooring surfaces. Clean carpets and do any necessary repairs such as patching or stretching. Nothing turns off buyers more than tired, worn or dirty carpets. It just gives the house a feeling of ill repair. Refinish hardwood floors if they are showing excessive signs of wear, scratches or discoloration.
  • Do a general “Let’s fix it ” walk through of your home. Tighten any loose cabinets, clean off light plates, repair broken baseboards, replace burned out lightbulbs. Cut down dead or old trees or bushes. Repair anything that makes your home appear to have neglected maintenance or care. This is your homes time to shine.
  • Call a professional Realtor like Rocky Peak Homes to do a complimentary walk through to help you get your home ready and listed for the current market climate.

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